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Photo test


A photo test

An experiment to add a photo.

Lizzie knitting on the ferry.

The weather looked to have been clearing up as the ferry approached Kirkwall earlier. But as I walked through the town, the rain started up again – more heavily than before.

I dodged in and out of various shops and managed to miss the worst of it. Despite the rain it’s been a warm day.

The highlight of the ferry trip in was seeing the ‘Hebridean Princess’ a small prestigious cruise ship, which was just leaving Kirkwall. I wonder where she was heading for.

Now to get a cuppa and get my knitting out.

I’m on my way into Kirkwall to get some keys cut and see about some engraving that we want doing.

I’ve just set up my phone to do WordPress, so thought I’d write a post.

The weather was drizzly when we left Sanday, but it seems brighter now.

I’ve been knitting some more of my cotton table cloth and watching the ferry being overtaken by gulls. 

Hopefully I’ll not get wet this afternoon.

Testing, testing…

This is a test…